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Acrylic Bong Bubble Style 38cm
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Have you tried smoking a water pipe yet? If not, have you considered trying it? It’s a fast growing
smoking experience, especially popular with younger people. If you’re looking to give it a go you
have come to the right place. The first major decision for you is whether to choose a glass water pipe
or acrylic model. In our experience, new users are best going with acrylic water pipes for two major
reasons: price and sturdiness.
This amazing acrylic bong consists of all the major parts: a metal bowl held in place by a rubber
grommet, a high-volume acrylic bubble base and plastic tube. What you want from a first model is
low maintenance, no stress for maximum enjoyment. It’s 38cm high or 15”, with a tube of 5cm
width, or 1.9 inches.
This model is practically indestructible and looks great too; it will continue to look great even after
many uses. Drop it, knock it over and it won’t scratch or break. You will find few models better than
this for water pipe parties. Don’t worry about your friends using it; it really will not damage easily.
Just focus on enjoying your favourite flavoured tobacco.

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great site Review by Patti
I was always looking for a site like this its great! (Posted on 8/25/2017)

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